Friday, April 29, 2011

"Self Destruction"

"Self Destruction"

Excepter 2005 LP/CD, with bonus tracks: two previously unreleased instrumentals and 2004 collaboration with Phiiliip.

John Fell Ryan: vocals, synth, programming
Dan Hougland: programming, synth
Caitlin Cook: vocals
Calder Martin: vocals, guitar, percussion
Nathan Corbin: synths
Linda Casey: guest vocal

"Self Destruction" recorded 2004 at 382 Jeff Street, edited, mixed and processed 2005 by John Fell Ryan.

"Obedience" recorded 2003 by John Fell Ryan, synths and programming.

"Non Leg" recorded 2003 by John Fell Ryan and Macrae Semans, synths and programming

"Blue Moon" recorded 2004 by John Fell Ryan, synths and programming and Phiiliip, vocal and guitar.

Original Fusetron Disco Sleeve LP and Digipack CD still available.

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