Friday, April 29, 2011



A collection of previously unreleased outtakes, demos and practice recordings made in preparation of the "Self Destruction" LP, late 2003, early 2004.

John Fell Ryan: Vocals, Synths, Programming, Sampler, Percussion
Dan Hougland: Keys, Programming
Caitlin Cook: Vocals
Calder Martin: Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Nathan Corbin: Synths

Compiled from three CDRs found scattered around 382 Jeff Street.
"Blackout Sundazed" (recorded August 17th, 2003)
"Self Destruction Demos" (recorded 2003-2004)
"Apartment Living" (recorded December 3rd, 2003.)
All tracks recorded at 382 Jeff Street by John Fell Ryan.
Compilation edit 2011.

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