Friday, April 01, 2011


Excepter 2003 debut LP "KA" combined with 2004 two-track 12" single 

"VACATION" and Bandcamp exclusive bonus track of 2003 CDR "AG" 

John Fell Ryan: vocals, synthesizers, effects, programming, sampler, percussion, harp
Dan Hougland: effects, programming, sampler
Macrae Semans: sk-1, sk-5
Caitlin Cook: vocals
Calder Martin: vocals, percussion

Recorded live to stereo 4/11/2003
382 Jeff Street, NYC

Recorded live to stereo winter 2002
Edited by Fell spring 2003
382 Jeff Street, NYC
*except "Hallways" recorded live at Plant NYC

Recorded live to stereo 5/07/2003
BQE Lounge, NYC 

Excepter Records ER02/ER01/ER00

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