Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Excepter 2005 CD plus three Bandcamp exclusive bonus track edits from STREAM 0X and 14.

Caitlin Cook: vocal, echo
Calder Martin: guitar, vocal
Nathan Corbin: synth
Dan Hougland: sampler, boxes
John Fell Ryan: vocal, kalimba, synth system

Recorded live to stereo at 382 Jeff Street, NYC
Track 1: 05/14/04 by Cook, Martin, Corbin, Hougland, Ryan
Tracks 2 and 3: 10/24/02 by Hougland, Ryan
Produced and edited by John Fell Ryan 2002-2005

Tracks 5 and 6 recorded 2004 live at Pianos, NYC.
Track 7 recorded 2004 live at Siné, NYC.
Additional production at 382 Jeff Street, 2004-2011

Original digipack CD available through Load Records

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