Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Sin-E, LES, NYC, Spring 2004
Who Who? Contact Music. Sin-E was famous for hosting a series of after-hours Sinead O'Connor beat-box experiments back in the 90s. Other immigrant tales coincide with future 12” B-Side “Punjab” presented here in both live and "Edsel Mix" versions. HEYHEY “Cops actually dealing with a car horn?” (rim-shot) Calder Guitar Revolution Plus a vista from the Ice Cream Man (Spring Birds and the Williamsburg Bridge Mix)
Exit Tunes: ABFAB; EVR Bros (It's So Sad To Watch Good Love Go Bad)

Monday, March 22, 2010


Pianos, NYC, Spring 2004
Occupying a former piano factory, Pianos was run by the former manager of a different LES bar that had hired JFR for a few years previous as a weekly happy hour DJ. Provided here as a contextual bonus is an audio tour of the ambience outside the venue's well soundproofed band room. You can hear Ivan Sunshine of the Ghost Exits (and now Hidden Fees) swapping tales with the boys on the street. Heads will recognize Tommy James and the Shondells in the mix, evidence of Dan Hougland's fascination with popular song loops. Heads will also recognize weaving in and out alternate mixes of "Jrone (Three)" from Throne, which was being edited around the time. Sounds like it rained that day. Video was shot by Punkcast master Joly Pinstand, but the footage seems to have been lost in the fog...

Saturday, March 13, 2010


The Coral Room, NYC, Winter 2004.
The place was famous for having real live mermaids in the giant aquarium behind the bar. We were there at the invitation of Gang Gang Dance, as we were both releasing records on Fusetron at the time. The In Crowd was there, but we were hiding out in the Green Room in the form of a trailer parked on the roof of the place. Paranoia up, the microphone was kept on the whole night and the results had to be edited down to fit the 80 minute limit, thus beginning the “cut up” phase of the STREAMS. For the next ten issues, live recordings would be spliced together with bits of practice sessions, urban field recordings, opening DJ sets, soundchecks, cable TV, toasting, dubs, etc.

STREAM 09-19

For the first series in the Excepter Archive, we are going to look into the STREAMS posted in the year 2004. The band at the time consisted of John Fell Ryan, Dan Hougland, Caitlin Cook, Calder Martin and Nathan Corbin, with a guest spot or two from Jon Nicholson. Live shows were interspersed with work on Self Destruction and Throne. The Vacation EP would be published in the spring, having been recorded the spring previous. Vacation and our 2003 LP KA would be combined in a CD edition and published in the fall. The STREAMS published this year were notable for their heavier use of editing compared to more recent STREAMS.