Saturday, June 18, 2011


Excepter "Alternation" 2005 original studio session rough demo mixes, plus 22-minute, unedited 2003 take of "Apartment Living."

John Fell Ryan: vocals, synths, programming, sampler, percussion
Dan Hougland: synths, sampler, piano
Caitlin Cook: vocals
Calder Martin: vocals, percussion
Nathan Corbin: synths, programming
Jon Nicholson: vocal on "Apartment Living"
Linda Casey: vocal on "Apartment Living"

Recorded January 21-23, 2005 by Mitch Rackin at Tone Float Studio, Chinatown, NYC. Mixed and edited by John Fell Ryan February 2005. Except "Apartment Living" recorded December 3rd, 2003 at 382 Jeff Street.

Compare / contrast with
Excepter "Alternation" 2006 2LP/CD (Fusetron/5RC)
Additional production and recording at 382 Jeff Street after departure of Cook and Martin and arrival of Nicholson and Harrison, plus added live and home studio cuts recorded late 2005.
CD / 2LP / MP3

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