Thursday, September 16, 2010


Webster Hall, NYC, Fall 2005
The one and only (?) time Excepter played a show with their eventual label patrons The Animal Collective. There were about a thousand teenagers in attendance. We asked the lighting engineer to turn on the “specials.” Even Dan Hougland stood up. Lala and Hira delivered a giant grey squash onstage which the band proceeded to run through with steak knives. For the final number, JFR changed into his camouflage “tiger” gear and dove into the audience, knocking heads with a young girl in the process. (There are no accidents: JFR would continually run in to her for years afterward as Excepter played her various attended educational institutions.) On the floor, with a bloodied lip, JFR would be refused re-entrance to the stage by security on account of his wristband removal prior to the set. Finally reaching the backstage area through a circuitous series of stairs and hallways lined with the masks of the Old Gods, JFR would be directed to the Manager's Office, where he would be revealed the Secrets of Capitalism and paid five times the promised fee.
Songs: Entrance / The Lock / Web Star / Auto Fuel / The Last Dance

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