Tuesday, September 21, 2010



Syrup Room, Bushwick, NYC, December 2005

Excepter had already played two shows with The No-Neck Blues Band, one earlier in the year at the Eardrum Festival in Atlanta, GA, and another a few years before at the Hint House (as a JFR-Caitlin Cook duo performing “Forget Me” and playing one tape piece over the PA.) This one felt like a proper reunion with both bands playing full sets and both on the same label at the time (5RC). Kill Rock Stars boss Slim Moon can be heard greeting JFR as he plants the microphone pre-performance. Show promoter, a “pre-interns” Todd P, had hoisted up the speakers and hung the pepper lights only moments before. JFR, freshly initiated into the Secrets of Capitalism, would correctly intuit the way to get paid at the end of the night by staying up later and getting up earlier than everyone else.

NB: This would be the last STREAM to use the “X” decimal naming convention.

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