Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Cake Shop, LES, NYC, Fall 2005
Excepter arranged to play first instead of last so JFR's visiting family could catch the show. JFR performed not only in front of his own father, step-mother, brothers, but also two sets of aunts and uncles, plus associated cousins. To top it off, a two-person camera crew was there to capture the band. Self-conscious much? A paranoiac's dream! For its part, the band put on one of the slackest sets in its career, however centered by the miraculous appearance of an unrehearsed, but seemingly fully-formed pop song “If I Were You” which would become the lead track and video for the eventual Alternation album.
Songs: False Start (The Buzzing) / Sad Dancer (Slow Runner) / If I Were You / Come Clean / Give Up / Any and Every

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  1. This show would also be my first encounter with a band who has fascinated me since this day... INDIAN JEWELERY!