Monday, July 26, 2010


Vox Populi, Philadelphia, Fall 2005
Called down to the sixth borough for a gallery show with Wolf Eyes, Prurient, Chris Corsano and a buncha others. Excepter was the only non-blaster on the bill and a bit out-of-place for it. Sound-dude sure was eager for us to cut our set short, calling off times from the monitors halfway through. I guess the Beavis n Butthead crew there for the fist-pumpers didn't really know what to make of our sloppy crystal lights and rainbow Polo get-up. The promoter didn't either and seemed annoyed when we asked to get paid what we were promised at the end of the night. Same promoter would drop us off a bill at the last minute when we would try to come through town again in the spring. JFR wasn't really aware of the size of chip Philly has on its shoulder about New Yorkers, but JWN was well-versed and treated the crowd with tales of his violent first visit to The City of Brotherly Love. Despite it all, our roadie was found the next morning with his arms wrapped around a cheesesteak (wit wiz).
Tracks: Ground Hum / Last Dance / Op Pop (Walking Through the Night) / The Tank / Brother Ph / Why'd You Call?

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