Friday, July 23, 2010


Knitting Factory, Kill Rock Stars CMJ Showcase, Fall 2005
Songs: Sunrise / Stairwells / Savage Law / Turn Away / A Message From Outside / Old Time Cat 09.
Ten minutes after the completion of this set, JFR and Lala would be thrown out of the club and  “Banned from the Knitting Factory for life.” Asked to see the manager (up the stairs mister) and she said Lala of wore a wig, and so got beer poured on her shoes so ordered our Oldsmobile off the block, kicked out the rest of the band and anyone hanging out with us. Frying pan, fire ... proxies had to unload our equipment around the corner where we had to explain the mess to our new label boss. He humored us with tales of wild years hijinx. Meanwhile, back inside a band associate the bouncers had missed had grabbed a mic denouncing the club to one and all. In the fog, a justified, pre-emptive strike against us. Despite all, the club booking agent would be calling to hire Excepter again within a few weeks.
Excepter would publicly maintain the “ban” for occult purposes for years after the event.

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