Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The Brooklyn Lyceum, NY, June 18th 2004.
The show was a benefit for Downtown for Democracy, a political artists' organization raising funds to send troops into Ohio or something. We saw James Chance being handed a wad of bills at the end of the night, that's all we know. For our part we had Linda picket our set with a “PROTEST MUSIC!” sign while guest-man Jon Winfield Nicholson III played the African berimbau with a rock. Calder and Nathan brought rock and roll on guitar and drums (respectively.) JFR and Dan fiddled with samplers, but decided that “3” wasn't working. Didn't matter, cuz Caitlin was rolling sevens all the way. But still that slow clap magic mirror. Majority Rules? And all of it in only 22 minutes so we buttressed both sides with a: a rare dub remove ya DJ toaster takeover and b: the Jeff Street session recorded the day or two previous. (a double, you)

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