Monday, March 22, 2010


Pianos, NYC, Spring 2004
Occupying a former piano factory, Pianos was run by the former manager of a different LES bar that had hired JFR for a few years previous as a weekly happy hour DJ. Provided here as a contextual bonus is an audio tour of the ambience outside the venue's well soundproofed band room. You can hear Ivan Sunshine of the Ghost Exits (and now Hidden Fees) swapping tales with the boys on the street. Heads will recognize Tommy James and the Shondells in the mix, evidence of Dan Hougland's fascination with popular song loops. Heads will also recognize weaving in and out alternate mixes of "Jrone (Three)" from Throne, which was being edited around the time. Sounds like it rained that day. Video was shot by Punkcast master Joly Pinstand, but the footage seems to have been lost in the fog...

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